Notes From The Basement

by Tempest For Eliza



Beth Barr: Vocals
Daniel J.S. Lewis: Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Deena Mulders: Bass, Vocals
Symen Mulders: Guitar, Vocals
Derik Smith: Drums and Percussion


released June 17, 2012

All songs performed by Tempest For Eliza.

Track 1 recorded at Cat Piss Studio by Daniel J.S. Lewis.

Tracks 2 - 5 recorded at Rock Bottom Multimedia by Dave Blinn. Overdubs and Mixes done by Daniel J.S. Lewis at Dead Dog Studio.

Track 6 - 9 recorded at Dead Dog Studio. Mixed by Daniel J.S. Lewis.



all rights reserved


Tempest For Eliza Plattsburgh, New York

About Tempest For Eliza:

If Jesus had a favorite band, it would be the Temptations or the Four Tops, but He would regard Tempest For Eliza with only modest distaste.

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Track Name: Of Kings And Prophets
I scribble on these pages
What end I cannot dream
The future has been written
Guess it's better not to see

As I left a ruined city
Once spanned a thousand miles
Passed untended fields
And I sought the sun drenched isles

Along the edge of vision
The real and false combined
Like a heat mirage at sunrise
To reveal what lies behind

So you want to be a prophet
And you want to be a king
Don't want to leave behind
Your dusty bones and silver rings
Want to live a little longer
There are unintended consequences
For the song you sing

I wandered in the desert
Where I met a broken man
In rasping voice he told me
He was searching for dry land

I promised I would find him
If I ever saw the sand
It wasn't too much later
This long ago was planned

His guilded ships departed
On a black and boiling sea
I had a sinking feeling
Of what was yet to be

So you want to walk in shadows
You want to stand at sunrise
There's Nothing left behind you
Broken swords and sightless eyes
Want to live forever
There are unintended consequences
For your lies

Dark lady takes my hand
Her skin is gray and broken
Her heart is black and scarred
Like the voice of God unspoken

The eastern sky is black
And the moon shines diamond dark
The stillness is old and broken
By the whispers in the dark

Searching for salvation
A man bereft of souls
Said darkness grew inside me
I felt empty and a little old

So you want to stop the sunrise
And you want to burn the sea
And you want eternal darkness
To be what comes to be
So you want to be immortal
But the unintended consequences
Have been set free
Track Name: Dolphins
I'm sailing on an ocean
Looking for a place to go
Surround me with water
I feel the hunger grow

I want to discover
The magic we had
Take me back to a time and place
Where we were never sad

Its getting scarier and darker
The waves are growing high and bend
I'm getting cold I feel so lonely
Why cant we relight the fire?

I'm sailing on an ocean
Looking for a place to go
Surround me with water
I feel the hunger grow

I hope that tomorrow
Gets better each day
And you'll be waiting
There for me

And when the storm is passing by
We'll see no sun up in the sky
The sea will be our mirror